do {ALL} the things

So why is “ALL” in all-caps?

Why indeed…

Well, I have been looking for a way to create a space to house all the things I love doing. has served me well for the last decade, but I don’t want all I do to just be tied to a name. It’s not about me as much as it’s about the work: I love art and design and being involved in the communities I live in. And I love to help others.

Additionally, over the last year, I’ve been saying, “do all the things” in various settings with both professionals and just friends in reference to trying to get people on the same page and work together for our common goals.

“You’re doing the thing over there. I’m doing the thing over here.
And they’re doing the thing somewhere else.
Let’s do {ALL} the things together – and help each other out.” 

So here we are at the beginning of and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope you enjoy what you experience on this website. But more-so I hope you become engaged with me to become an “us” as we work to share our passions and love.



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